The MegaCorp seeks to dominate humanity through its robotic HoverPods. A prototype of an advanced robot, however , has developed a glitch - or was it the work of a rogue engineer? - and is not so keen on the program. This "Bot with a heart" is a threat to the  MegaCorp, so it has sent it production-line units to dispose of the renegade robot. 

Dodge, shoot, or outrun, to survive and get beyond their reach.


W or Up - temporarily speed up

S or Down -temporarily slow down

A- or Left - move to the left

D or RIght - move to the right

Space to fire

Escape to pause

Development log


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it's pretty cool. I like that you included sound- and particle effects. 

however i would recommend trying to make the controls a little more responive, a more dynamic map (with curves). and the bots couldnt kill me. 

but nice work keep it up :)

Thanks for the insights.

The controls are probably the first thing I should untangle

I probably need to make the enemies faster and more aggressive, such that victory is more "holy crud, I made it!"

A curving track? Hmmm...that's a challenge, but, (pardon the pun) I'm game.

haha you got it :D